Comments from the Gallery

“I attended the Women’s Health and Renewal Retreat hosted by Renewal Retreats in October of 2008. It was such a spiritual, warm, and peaceful experience. I met women with a range of emotions who shared things that were quite enlightening....I learned that we all are part of the “whole.” The guest speaker, Dr. Ikenze, listened to each of us and afterward explained the various temperaments from a spiritual maturing perspective. I arrived at the spa filled with stress and I left filled with peace and tranquility. I am looking forward to attending another one in the near future”
CW, Oakland, CA, scholarship recipient

“From the opening evening ‘dinner in our bathrobes’ at the spa, to the closing night ‘sunset ceremony’ preceding a fabulous dinner at an Italian restaurant in town, Renewal Retreats ensured we had a relaxing, fulfilling, and enlivening retreat experience. In particular, I appreciated that we were given space to enjoy the spirituality of the Red Rocks and the rejuvenating nature of Mii Amo and Enchantment, while at the same time knowing that there was a wonderful, solid group of women who was there to support us and celebrate with us. I went on this trip with my mom and it was a very special time for us. Thank you.”
JJ, New York, NY

“Thank you again for such a wonderful retreat with Dr. Ikenze!”
MH, Greenbrae, CA

“I went to Sedona with Renewal Retreats. The trip was truly uplifting. The logistics were handled superbly. The guests were treated with care and grace. The setting, facilities, food, and facilitators were awesome! We became a supportive and light-hearted community while also respecting each woman’s wishes for time to herself. I believe you can count on Renewal Retreats for an extraordinary experience!”
PN, San Rafael, CA

“The experience with Gail, Chelsea and the yoga instructor, Christa, was unlike anything I have experienced in all of my years of travel. Besides spending some long awaited quality time with my BFF, Julia, and meeting some truly great women, my most memorable moments are of sharing a gorgeous hillside casita with a lovely female iguana who seemed to enjoy watching over us each day! Thanks for such a truly unique experience!”
EN, Toronto, Canada

“The Costonoa retreat was such a wonderful experience for me. Every detail was perfect. I came home feeling relaxed and energized. And what a fantastic group of women! I hope you would consider offering us a reunion trip some day!”
AR, Corte Madera, CA

“You did such a great job with the Westerbeke Retreat!”
HV, San Jose, CA

“Keep up the good work!”
LF, San Rafael, CA

“I loved every moment of my yoga retreat at Haramara! The leaders were awesome, the food was so healthy and absolutely delicious, and I loved the way time seemed to really slow down in a good way. There was the perfect balance of scheduled group time and personal relaxation. Doing yoga while feeling the ocean breeze in an open air pavilion was amazing. I want to go back!”
CM, Berkeley, CA

“Haramara was blissful, beautiful and bountiful! I would love to get back there soon.”
SA, Mexico City, Mexico

"Haramara is a salve for the soul. A truly magical place to renew and relax. The food is wonderful, the open air bungalows provide communion with nature and the ocean waves lull you to sleep. A completely restorative experience which I loved and look forward to doing again!"
DS, Ridgefield, CT