Ellen Walker

My interest in natural and holistic wellness began decades ago.  Since then, I have been experimenting with relaxation techniques, skin care, aromatherapy, hydration, herbs, fitness & yoga, a variety of holistic healing modalities, and a healthy diet.  My personal mission statement in creating the Renewal Retreats Directory is to provide a Wellness Directory of Healthy Resources for the 55+ community, in order to make it EASY and AFFORDABLE for a healthy way of life!

Over the years there has been increased awareness for wellness.  People are realizing the importance of wellness, especially baby boomers.   Most people would like to stay well, youthful and active but don’t have the time to do the research on how to practice good health for themselves and their family.  I’ve spent the time doing the research, I feel a great passion to share, which is how the Renewal Retreats Directory came about.

Unfortunately, our society promotes “once you’ve turned a certain age” it’s time to start taking blood pressure or cholesterol pills for certain medical conditions and others. Our society teaches us to accept “modern western medicine” as if its way of life and it’s to be expected as we age. This is simply not the case in all instances. If you keep up good health, you can reduce your chance of developing diseases thus not having to take medications or at the very least a reduced amount.

My Credentials…

I’m your average everyday person (I’m a baby boomer) and I don’t have any special credentials for wellness. It’s not necessary to have credentials to be a healthy person.  It takes education, desire and a strong network of professionals and paraprofessionals in a variety of modalities.  Renewal Retreats can provide you with the tools to educate yourself using our strong network of professionals.  You bring the desire.

Let’s build a Wellness Network for our community together! Please share with your friends, colleagues and family so you may all enjoy a Healthy Way of Life!

Thank you for your support.


Ellen Walker, President